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The method for repairing and repairing paint is as follows:
      First, the roller coating method
The paint is painted with a roller covered with paint, which is really similar to painting a wall. In principle, the roller should not be stained with too much paint, and the paint will not overflow the sides of the roller. This method is more efficient and used more frequently in large areas, but not all glues are suitable, such as fast-drying coatings.
二 、 Brush painting method
Is a paint brush staggered vertical and horizontal paint on the surface of the component. This kind of brushing can drain out water, and it is also a comparative coating, but the work efficiency is relatively low, and it is more suitable for small areas, corners, etc.
 Three, airless spray method
This is a high-tech coating construction method. Features are highly efficient and can be coated with thicker paint films, but when used, they require high artificial technical requirements, and there are measures to pay attention to fire prevention. This approach is basically used at present.
Fourth, spray method
This kind of spray paint needs to pay special attention to keep the coated surface very clean and dry, otherwise the adhesion of the paint will be reduced, but the phenomenon of paint scattering also exists, so it will cause some paint loss.
No matter what method is selected, it is carried out simultaneously from the aspects of cost saving and construction quality, so we can clearly understand why most manufacturers choose the airless spray method.
Ship coatings are ship primers, ship bottom antirust paints, ship bottom antifouling paints, ship waterline paint series, hull and superstructure paints, and various ship cabin paints — ballast water tank paints, oil tank paints, and drinking water tanks. Paint, dry cargo paint and other series of paint.
    Workshop primers include: phenol-modified phosphating primers, epoxy zinc-rich primers, zinc orthosilicate primers, and metal-free zinc primers.
    Antirust primers include: zinc phosphate antirust paint, zinc yellow antirust paint, red dan antirust paint, other antirust paint.

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